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Sineglossa Italy

Remember me

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Quality Label » Sineglossa (Italy)

Sineglossa is a heterogeneous group of artists coming from different backgrounds and working on the relationship existing between the light and the human bodies in live action.  Its poetics is distant from pop art, cynicism, nihilism and divertissement.  Every performance is the result of a surgical attention of millimetric precision: a breathing mechanical pattern which is synthesis of the sensibility, the imagery and the humanity of the actors involved and of their fragile bodies.

Remember me originates from masculine and feminine identities, which show, confuse and melt themselves before disappearing; it is a fragmentation in parts which appear but cannot be conceivable in the same body; it deals with the myth of Dido and Aeneas as a key to present time. The main questions on the sense of representation (what are we doing here? What are the performers doing behind these screens, under those lights?) appear together with the echo of an image bringing them closer. They are bodies existing in the same space of the people who are watching them; mirages never recorded somewhere else, but revealing themselves in the hic et nunc, essential and touching privilege of theatre.
Dido, suffering from Aeneas’ departure, before killing herself asks to be remembered. What would have happened if Aeneas, in the mainwhile, had pronounced the same words? All this happens while an ambiguous voice is coming back, singing the aria ‘Dido’s Lament’ from Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell