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Artistic Board

Lluis Graells, Spain/Reus – artistic board member – Actor, director, professor, and artistic director of COS, the International Festival of Movement and Gestual Theater in Reus, Catalonia. He worked with Pawel Rouba and Andrzej Leparski in mime and Pantomime, mask with Andrzej Leparski, Don Jordan and Roy Bossier, and Commedia dell’Arte with Carlo Boso and Ferruccio Soleri. Actually he’s director of Department of technics of interpretation of Institut del Teatre.


cristina-de-aiolaCristina de Anciola  Spain/Reus – artistic board member – Titled in contemporary dance for Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and Post-degree in Organisation of Cultural Companies for the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). She has been dancer of the companies of Carles Ibáñez, Avelina Argüelles, It Dansa directed by Catherine Allard and Metros directed by Ramon Oller. During twelve years has been teacher of contemporary dance in Spain and France. Since the edition 2004  she work in the organisations of The International Award  of Dance Roseta Mauri  organised by Private Foundation of the Fortuny Theatre of Reus (Catalonia) and she has programmed the show of the prize in the three last editions. She has  taken parts in the programming of dance in COS, International Festival of Movement and Gestual Theater in Reus and she adviser in dance the Consortium of the Fortuny Theatre to the same city. Since 2005 she is working  in the production team of the Center of Scenic Arts Reus-CAER

Nullo Faccini- Denmark/Vordingborg – artistic board member – Nullo Facchini founded Cantabile 2 in 1983 and has been the artistic director ever since. His artistic work has its main focus on the human-specific genre founded by Cantabile 2 and at the centre is always the experience and the unique, the original.  Nullo Facchini is the principal of School of Stage Arts, and curator and artistic director of the international theater festival “Waves”, an international forum for experimental theatre and art. Here artists from all over the world meet and show what happens within theatre, performance, dance and visual art today.


Siri Facchini – Denmark/Vordingborg – artistic board member-Siri Facchini Haff is a graduate of the School of Stage Art, Cantabile 2 in 2004. She immediately became a permanent performer in the performances by Cantabile 2. She taught at the School of Stage Art until it closed in 2007. Now she teaches at internal and external workshops. She writes articles etc.  about the theater´s artistic work and focus, and assists in the direction of the performances of Cantabile 2. She toured with solo show   ”Inca Cola” in 2006-2008.


Simon Hart – Scotland/Edinburg – artistic board member – Over the past seventeen years I have been Artistic Director responsible for all aspects of the successful running of Puppet Animation Scotland.  I act as an advocate for visual theatre, puppetry and animation in Scotland on behalf of the community of artists who work in these disciplines. Much of my work includes the preparation and presentation of our two annual festivals – the manipulate Visual Theatre Festival and the Puppet Animation Festival – as well as the organisation and implementation of our wide portfolio of support activities we provide for professional artists at all stages of their careers. The successful management of our staff and the nurturing of relationships with many professional partners and collaborators we work with throughout the UK and internationally also forms a very important part of my role.

patriziaPatrizia Boscolo – Italy/Mestre (Venice) – artistic board member –  Patrizia Boscolo has received a degree in “Disciplines of  arts, music and theater” (DAMS) t the Bologna University.  Since 1998 she works for Arteven, the Veneto Regional Dance and Theatre Circuit, where she holds the programming position of more than 60 theatres, among them she runs the contemporary theatre season at the Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, Arti Inferiori at the MPX theatre in Padua and at the Camploy theatre in Verona. She has dealt with special projects of visual and contemporary theatre like Teatri delle Mura in Padua, Fondamenta Nuove in Venice and moreover with the dance festival ProspettivaDanzaTeatro. She had created and managed workshop projects based on various expressive contemporary art forms in the social fabric of the region.


federico coronaFederico Corona, Italy/Venice – artistic board member – began his career very young, coming from one of a theatre family most ancient of Europe. From 2003 to 2010 worked at Operaestate Festival (Bassano del Grappa) as a production manager for the kids theatre section and the contemporary theatre/dance section. From 2010 begin the collaboraction with Arteven – Theatre and Dance Circuit of Veneto Region: he programs theatre shows with particular interest in contemporary theatre and promotion of new performing arts as circus theatre, visual and phisic theatre. E’ Reading Committee of the project Europea Circus Next about the development for the new european reality of contemporary circus.


kamKamran Shahmardan, Finland/Imatra – artistic board member – Kamran Shahmardan was born in Azerbaijan and became a  moviestar at very young age, as he performed in at least 10 movies when he was young. His artistic parcours lead him to become artistic director of Black and White Theatre and of Black and White Theatre Festival. He is also a theatre director. As the founder of Black and White Theatre since 2003, he produces stage and music his own performances. He is also free lancer theatre and film director in different theatres of many countries, and member of every year festivals around the world. Kamran is a member of the Finnish Union theatre and media workers and UNIMA.


Marc Crauwels, Belgium/Antwerpen – president artistic board – Formed in mime and visual theater from 1986 to 1989 at the Antwerp Studio for mime and movement theater, circus and acrobatics Brussels circusschool 1989, method acting Ernie Martin and Actors Studio New York. Freelance actor for different theatre and danceproductions, work for movie and tv since 1990. Founder and general director from Flemish Mime Federation 1992-2013, International Mime Square Festival 1997-2007, Publisher and editorial Mimejournal for Belgium 1995-2004, Founder and organizer of the European Pinokkio Price 1999-2005, Founder and artistic director of International Crossroadsfestival 2010-2013, Founder and executive director of International Move-Award 2010-…