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Press Report – MOVE AWARD 2015 – …and the winners are :

Good news, we have new winners. See the press-report here : READ IT

Move-Award goes Edinburgh Fringe ! 

We are proud to inform you that – due to the Move-Award partnership with Scotland- we where able to present one of the winning companies inside the 2014 Fringe Festival  Every festivalorganizer or visual theatre company, every journalist or theater director interested to discover more about the Move-Award are welcome to attend to the Summerhall program that we make part of this year.

Press Report – MOVE AWARD 2014 !

Good news, last november we have selected the new companies for 2014-2015 promotional touring. Here you can see the press-report : READ

Welcome to the Move-Award

Finally the new European project for Visual theatre has found his full drive : Welcome to the Move-Award that has been launched this summer 2013 !


Move-Award moves forward and welcome new members – 8.2.2013

The Move-Award project has recently moved it’s main office to Catalunia, in Spain. The COS festival will be the guiding organisation from now on. This important move will guide the Move-Award project into it’s second drive, and will be helpfull for expanding the project.

More organisers are willing and interested to join, due to many benefits the project offers to as well the member-organisations, but mainly also for the young creators in their area. Beside this important move, eMIX has welcomed to great network members. One is located in Macedonia (Phanphys – International Festival of Mime and Physical Theatre ), and the other ones located in the UK (MANIPULATE International Visual Theatre Festival Norwich Puppet Theatre).

The new selected companies are preparing their tours into the different festivals…so keep an eye on the agenda…soon will be announced the dates!

Newsitem November 24 – 2012

PRESS REPORT – Move-Award 2013

The Move-Award selection committee has selected the Move-Award companies for 2013 (application deadline 1.11.2012).
We had 37 applications, coming from 14 different countries all together.

We have decided to give the quality label 2013 to 4 companies.

Au ments                Malasombra                                Spain
E.A-Physical Theater        The Neighbors Grief is Greener        Israel
Jagat Mata                La Maleta de Irati                    Spain!home/mainPage
Sineglossa                Remember me                        Italy

We have decided to select 3 of them to become the 2013 Move-Award-day companies and to promote them.

Au Ments (Spain) / Malasombra
E.A-Physical Theater (Israel) / The Neighbors Grief is Greener
Sineglossa (Italy) / Remember me

Once more : We are NOT an agency, but a european network of visual theatre festivals/organisers, helping good creations to be promoted. Move-Award is the framework to do that. If you want more information about these companies, feel free to get in touch with our office. We will be happy to return you more information about them, including eventually video material/technical requirements. Organisers or Festivals interested to get to know more about this project, or interested to become a member, just send us an email with your questions/requests

Meanwhile we kindly ask you to have a look at this information and to distribute it

Thank you for your kind attention.

Newsitem November.04.2011

PRESS REPORT – Move-Award 2012

The eMIX selection committee has selected today the Move-award companies for 2012 (application deadline 2011). We had 26 applications, coming from 12 different countries all together. We have decided to give the quality label 2012 to 8 companies.

Cie Chaliwaté Joséphina Belgium
Rapid Eye Quiproquo Denmark
ScarlattineTeatro, Luna e Gnac, and Michele Cremaschi The day before the world began Italy
Cie. Troisième Génération L’heure où l’on ne savait rien France
Zaches Teatro Mal Bianco (White Pain) Italy
Cia. Raül Grau L´Estança Spain
Moveo Teatro ARA! (NOW!) Spain


We have decided to select 3 of them to become the 2012 Move-award-day companies, and to promote them for a 2013 tour.

Cie Chaliwaté Joséphina Belgium
Rapid Eye Quiproquo Denmark
ScarlattineTeatro – Luna e Gnac The day before world’s began Italy

May we kindly ask you to distribute this information. Thank you for your kind Attention.

Newsitem September.30.2011

Move-Award goes online in Italy :

Newsitem September.10.2011

Recently we welcomed 2 new Associate members, one from the Veneto Area in Italty – ARTEVEN, and one in Scotland MANIPULATE FESTIVAL, and one new Network member in Finland JYVASKYLA FESTIVAL. More info to be found on our members page (with map) :

Beside we passed very succesful eMIX day editions in Denmark and Poland, the audience was enthousiast, even amazed in Warsaw! All this leads us to a growing project that moves forward step by step growing into a dynamic tool for future generation of performers in the field of visual theatre.

We receive in time already over 10 applications, and more companies are contacting us in their preparations for applying.  Seen at the Danish Waves festival, we got a review and info-page at the Culture360°, the connectionpoint between Asia and Europe. you can read more about this organisation and the article here.

Newsitem June.10.2011

Recently we welcomed 2 new Network members. One from Canada and one from Greece. Many other festivals and organisations at several places inside europe, but also from other places, are attending to join us in the near future.

We start to receive also the first company applications and we want to suggest any company who’s interested to apply not to delay. The sooner we can have your information, the better we can screen your information and we find it valuable fix a travel to come and see the show life.

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